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About the collaboration

Since we were already working on the Craftnote App, it was obvious that we would also collaborate with Craftnote on the WebApp. The specifics of which of course were almost exactly the same. So please visit the Craftnote App project as well in case you want some details on that.

Dark and light mode for the billing section.

The projects

Regarding the WebApp there were all in all 5 different subprojects we worked on: The task management, the signup, billing, settings and slighty a bigger new planning functionality.

UI Design for the billing section inside the Craftnote WebApp.

Our contributions

Similar as with the Craftnote App projects, we mainly did UX Design, including some UX Research and UI Design work.

User flow for the task management inside the Craftnote WebApp.

The biggest Research activity in these projects was visiting a client on sight and observing their workflows to get as many insights on the customer need we wanted to solve as possible. At that point I already weren't working alone anymore and so Carine, Tanja and I were able to collect and compare insights together.

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